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1976Bosideng was founded in 1976 and has been focusing
on down apparel for 43 years.
1995Bosideng won the gold medal in the US and Russia Expo,
Russia, brought the idea of fashion into down apparel
1996International Olympic Committee awarded Bosideng down
apparel as the "Atlanta Olympics licensed product"
1998Bosideng explored the North and South Poles with a
expedition team and climbed the Mount Everest.
1999Bosideng became China's first clothing brand to enter
the Swiss market.
2001Bosideng was awarded the French High Quality
Technology Product Certificate.
2002The Bosideng down apparel was provided as a diplomatic
gift to Russia, Finland and other leaders.
2006Bosideng walked into Harvard Business School.
2007In September, Bosideng won the title of "World Famous
        In October, Bosideng was listed on the Main Board of HKEX
in Hong Kong (stock code: HK03998).
2009China Brand Academy selected Bosideng as a
"National business card".
2011In October, the Bosideng flagship store opened
in the Oxford Fashion District in London, England.
2012In late October, Bosideng walked into Oxford University.
2013British Prime Minister David Cameron affirmed Bosideng's
innovative strategy in the UK market.
2014In January, Bosideng opened its first store in the
United States of America in Union Square, Manhattan.
        In September, Bosideng sponsored and participated in the
World Expo 2015 held in Milan, the fashion capital in Italy.
2018In September, Bosideng appeared as an independent
brand in the New York Fashion Week.
        In October, Bosideng launched a joint series with three
international designers from the United States of America,
France and Italy.
        In November, Bosideng was awarded the "Gear of
the Year" by "Outside" 2019.
2019Bosideng has a brand strength of 982 points and a brand
value of RMB24.302 billion yuan, ranking first in the textile,
clothing and footwear industries.
        In September, as "the Only Chinese down apparel brand
that has been included in official schedule of Milan Fashion
Week", made a stunning appearance at Milan Fashion
2020In February, Bosideng debuted at London Fashion Week
        On May 27th, Bosideng assisted the Chinese
Mountaineering Team in completing the elevation
measurement of Mount Everest
        In October, Bosideng launched the second season of
Bosideng X Gaultier Collection in collaboration with
Jean Paul Gaultier
        In November, Bosideng collaborated with the
Chinese Antarctic Research Expedition Team to launch its
professional insulation solution, the Bosideng X Chinese
Antarctic Research Expedition collection, supporting the
36th and the 37 expeditions to the South Pole.
        In November, The Mountaineering Collection is awarded
the Gold Award of the 2020 China Excellent Industrial
2021In January, Bosideng becomes a winner in the ISPO
AWARD 2021.
        August, Euromonitor International issued a statement on
the market position of down apparel, and Bosideng Group
ranked first in terms of the down apparel scale
        October, Bosideng released the original Trench-style Down
Jacket Collection, achieved the perfect conversion of brand
power and sales power
        November, Bosideng released the climbing 2.0 series
        December, Bosideng held a release conference together
with the National Theatre of China, pioneered the theatrical
release conference in the industry
2022In February, Bosideng received BBB rating appraised by
MSCI ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
        In April, Moody's awarded long-term credit rating of Baa3
(stable outlook) to Bosideng
        In April, S&P awarded long-term credit rating of BBB- (stable
outlook) to Bosideng
        In April, Bosideng was selected as "Brand Finance Apparel
50" and was ranked the 48th
        In December, Bosideng received CDP climate change rating
of B-

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