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Bosideng was founded in 1976 and has been focusing on R&D, design and the production of down apparel for 45 years. Nowadays, Bosideng has become the leading brand in China's down apparel industry.

As the benchmark for the standard of the down apparel industry, Bosideng has the country's first national laboratory in the industry, obtained 369 patents of various types, launched more than 20 scientific and technological projects and has been awarded with 3 high-tech product certification. According to Ipsos, one of the world's top three market research institutions, Bosideng has a 97% recognition rate among consumers, and it has become the first brand that comes to consumers' minds for down apparels.

In September 2018, Bosideng appeared as an independent brand in New York Fashion Week, becoming the only Chinese brand to catwalk at that specific show. International celebrities also attended to the show, which caused a heated discussion within the local and foreign media as well as the fashion circle. In October, Bosideng teamed up with Tim Coppens, Ennio Capasa and Antonin Tron, three international designers from the United States, Italy and France, to launch a joint collection, which was very popular among consumers. During the same year, Bosideng launched its high-end outdoor series, the "Century Cloth" GORE-TEX fabric, which was awarded the "Gear of the Year" by "Outside" 2019 in November 2018, becoming the only Chinese brand to win the down apparel category. In 2019, Bosideng brand obtained the first ranking in the textile, clothing and footwear industries in China, with a brand strength of 982 points and a brand value of RMB24.302 billion.

Bosideng conducted a series of brand activities throughout FY2019/20, including high profile brand public relations and integrated marketing events such as being officially invited to participate in Milan Fashion Week, the release of "Mountaineering" high-end series, the release of crossover product series with international designers, cooperating with Tmall to launch the Bosideng Super Brand Day and participating in London Fashion Week. This attracted great attention from consumers and the whole textile and apparel industry and yielded fruitful achievements. According to the follow-up report of tracking the brand health of the Bosideng brand by Ipsos, the current scores for brand awareness and first mentioned awareness rate of Bosideng both took the lead in the Chinese apparel industry, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) and brand reputation reached 52 and 8.84, respectively. According to the 7th batch of 2019 "China Top 10 Apparel Brands" released by the iiMedia Ranking, Bosideng entered the list along with other apparel brands, including Youngor, ANTA and Li-Ning, ranking first with an index of 92.9.

In FY2020/21, the Group actively responded to the adverse impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on "brand, product, channel and terminal" to carry out systematic construction from all angles. In terms of brand building, by fully exploiting its brand potential, participating in the "China Brand Day", being selected in CCTV's "Strong Country Brand Project (強國品牌工程)" and other activities, Bosideng led the industry in terms of top-of-mind awareness rate, net promoter score, and brand reputation and has become the first choice for middle and high-end down apparel consumption. In terms of product innovation, the Group has steadily increased the sales proportion of high-end products and continuously consolidated the recognition of down apparel experts through optimizing product structure, integrating quality and efficiency, matching business channels, and co-branding with cross sectoral intellectual property ("IP") and top international designers. In terms of channel optimization, product integration is beginning to take effect through promotion of channel upgrades, the continuous strengthening of the core commercial district, the accelerated upgrade of store image and the promoted sales of mainstream channels and popular stores. At the same time, the growth potential throughout all the sales channels has continued to be consolidated and strengthened by the accurate reach of live-streaming e-commerce. According to the "Brand Finance Apparel 50 2021" released by Brand Finance, one of the top five international authoritative brand value evaluation consultancy, Bosideng was selected for the first time as the third fastest growing brand with a growth rate of 39% and ranked 50th in the apparel brand list.

In FY2021/22, positioning on the objective of being the "world's leading expert in down apparel", the Group focused on building leading channels, leading commodities, a leading image, leading retails, and leading user operations. In terms of brands, the Group adhered to its position as a down apparel expert with its competitive strategy being upgraded from being the "top-selling down apparel expert in the world" to the "world's leading expert in down apparel". In terms of products, the Group promoted the upgrades of commodity structure, explored an end-to-end product development model of "focusing on user value", and accelerated the establishment of core competitive products with leading functions, leading fashion and leading technology. In terms of channels, the Group continued to optimize the channel structures and channel qualities, focused on expansion and building within "2+13" key cities (namely, Beijing, Shanghai and other 13 first-tier and new first-tier cities) and continuously enhanced the operating ability and sales efficiency of its terminal stores.

Going forward, Bosideng brand will continue to innovate through its core values of "ingenuity", "promote brand remodeling" and "upgrade", and provide consumers with higher quality products.

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