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Our Business

Branded Down Apparel Business:
With a focus on down apparel business for more than 40 years, the Group has been widely recognized by consumers as an expert of down apparel and the leader of the industry. Currently, the Group's apparel brands include "Bosideng", "Snow Flying", and "Bengen". Three brands have different brand positioning, mid-and-high end brand "Bosideng", together with mid-end brand "Snow Flying" and cost-effective brand "Bengen", striving to become the world's leading expert in down apparel.

OEM Management Business:
By rationally planning and utilizing production capacity in off-peak seasons of down apparel business, the Group engages in OEM Management business for its domestic and overseas clients. The Group developed its strategy of mobilizing key resources to core OEM clients and maintaining a long-term and stable strategic working relationship with them. In recent years, the Group gradually increases the proportion of ODM management business and enhances customer's loyalty and pushes up the total number of orders.

Ladieswear Business
The Group have four ladieswear brands, namely JESSIE, BUOUBUOU, KOREANO and KLOVA. The Group operates four mid- to high-end ladieswear brands to cater to customers' dressing needs on different occasions. After 15 to 30 years of brand accumulation, the four brands present a rich product hierarchy and unique differentiated styles. JESSIE focuses on elegant urban scenarios and features simple and capable products, highlighting the self-confidence of intellectual women; BUOUBUOU features elegant, romantic and detailoriented products, while each of KOREANO and KLOVA features understated-luxury products to demonstrate the sophistication and elegance of oriental women, bringing individuality and the ultimate wearing experience to customers. In the highly competitive ladieswear market in the PRC, the Group has won the favor of Chinese female consumers through its rich product hierarchy image and brand positioning.

Diversified apparels business
Diversified apparels business mainly includes School uniform business. For school uniform business, it operates under Sameite brand. Adhering to the clothing design concept of "carrying education with clothes and inheriting culture with clothes", our Sameite brand insists on providing students with safe, comfortable, fashionable and functional school uniform products, and expects to dress every child in the uniform of his or her dream as its mission. Currently, Sameite serves more than 500 schools, with an annual supply of over one million pieces.

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