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Bingjie brand endorser Nara Jang at Harbin November 11, 2006

Bosideng kicks off a flying start in the Central Department Store of Harbin through the event "Nara Jang to Be with You" on November 11. Nara is the brand endorser of Bingjie down wear.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary and to thank for the support of Harbin citizen's in the past 11 years, Bosideng invites Korean star Nara Jang to give live performance and signature at the Central Department Store.

Bosideng Co., Ltd., the largest down wear producer in the world, boasts a variety of brands including Bosideng, Snow Flying, Kangbo and Bingjie. Bosideng has released the trend of Chinese cold-proof wears for 11 years in a row and Bosideng down wear has been presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as national gifts to heads of Russia, Ghana, etc. It has taken the lead in sales volume in Chinese market for eleven consecutive years, breaking the Guinness records with sales volume of over 100 million RMB a day and over 2 billion RMB a month. Bosideng, the most renowned trademark was named "2006 Top Ten Most Influential Chinese Brands" (the only one from textile and garment industry), "2006 Top Ten Chinese Brands in the World Market" and "The Most Valuable Brand in Chinese Garment Industry" with its brand value reaching 10.2 billion RMB.

With cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bosideng successfully applied the advanced Nanometer and anti-bacterial technology into cold-proof wear area this year. The new material solved the pollution problem caused by bacterium, mould, moth and strange smell.

The focus of this event - Nara Jang enjoys great popularity among Chinese too, especially after the release of the sitcom Successful Story of a Bright Girl. Her performance as the leading role, a mischievous yet kind girl, left deep impression on Chinese audience. The costume drama series Sassy Princess broadcasted in many cities last year shows us how popular she is.

The event is a great success. The presence of Nara create excitement after another. Sweet smile on her face, Nara is full of passion during the event. When the reporter asks how she likes this event, she says, "I hadn't expected so many fans at the Central Department Store of Harbin. It's so amazing. I seldom experience such enthusiastic audience in Korea. So touching!"

When asked why she cooperates with Bingjie down wear, she answers, "Except Samsung and LG in Korea, we can hardly find such big companies as Bosideng who focus on one field. I admire Bosideng's achievements. I was amazed by what I had seen during my visit to their industrial zone. So big!"

Nara Jang never lets go of any opportunity to promote Bingjie down wear, which she wears today. Her enthusiastic and passionate performance sets off an upsurge of buying. Customers, while enjoying the performance, surges to buy their favorite styles. The freezing wind blows outside, but inside the department store, it is HOT.

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