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Prosperity of an enterprise lies in brand innovation - "Symposium on Textile & Garment Brand Innovation" was held in Changshu 2007

"In this age of brand competition, brand innovation is the key to overcome the brand bottleneck of the textile and garment industry in our province and to transform from a large garment province into a strong one, i.e., building top brands with top technologies and top products." Yesterday, the Textile & Garment Brand Innovation Symposium co-sponsored by Jiangsu Association for Industrial Economy, Jiangsu Quality Management Association, Jiangsu Consumers' Association and Jiangsu Association for Environmental Monitoring was held in Changshu City.

At the symposium, Bosideng took its own development as an example and put forward the idea of "Innovation boosts industry". Bosideng believes that only constant innovation can make domestic brands bigger and stronger to go global and succeed in international competition. It is known that in the past ten year, Bosideng triggered three significant reforms that transformed Chinese down wear from traditional and puffy to fashionable, environment-friendly and healthy through the innovation of style, material and technology, thus making itself the leader in Chinese down wear industry. In 2002, Bosideng was recognized as the only "Chinese enterprise that has international competitive edge and is becoming a world brand" among all Chinese textile businesses. In 2006, Bosideng was again renowned as a "national export inspection-exempt product" and in the same year, its brand value reached RMB10.2 billion, ranking first among all Chinese garment brands. At the World Productivity Conference, Bosideng was elected one of the top ten Chinese brands that have the largest influence on the world.

As the most valuable intangible asset and the best economic benefit carrier, brand has been acknowledged by more and more enterprises. Today, "the key of the prosperity of an enterprise relies on brand innovation." Insightful managers in textile and garment industry like Gao Dekang from Bosideng Co., Ltd., are all aware of the significance of brand innovation and independent brands. So they are developing and making full and reasonable use of brand economy in their respective field to achieve their development goals, which attracted great attention from people in the industry.

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