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Bosideng "shocks" Montreal Fashion Week with dazzling grace March 19, 2007

The cold city night was full of pale moonlight and freezing fog. Dark green, elegant purple and passionate pink all came to memory, gradually took shape and embraced graceful figures with lively colors. In the Montreal International Fashion Week that ended recently, Bosideng, as the only invited Chinese brand of the Fashion Week, fully interpreted the beauty of Chinese cold-proof wear. Nearly 20 minutes' fashion show won over all the over 100 journalists and guests at the show. Bosideng demonstrated to the fashion world the endless charms of Chinese indigenous fashion brands.

Montreal Fashion Show was formally held in Montreal, south Quebec from March 19. All world top fashion brands and works of designers gathered here, displaying their beauty and charms and guiding the new trends of world fashion designing and consumption with the help of the presentation of professional models. Montreal was considered one of the major fashion creating and production centers in North America. Montreal Fashion Week was initiated by Liaison Mode Montréal in September 2001 and this was the 12th event (season). Since inception, the event has been devoting itself to guiding fashion industry and consumers to discover latest fashion marks and promoting the exchange between fashion designers, buyers and reporters.

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