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Bosideng Western Flavors Subdues Russia: Bosideng - Huang Qiaolian Lin Solo Show in Russia April 8, 2007

In the session of Russian Fashion Week from April 1 to April 8, 2007, the organizing committee of China Fashion Week designated four brands' designers, namely, Bosideng's Huang Qiaolian, Hanwu's Wu Xuekai, Meidi's Zhang Jicheng and Yingda's Wu Xuewei, to make 07/08 autumn/winter cold-proof wear series solo shows in Moscow. At Bosideng - Huang Qiaolian solo show, Bosideng's design director Huang Qiaolian brought the flavor of China western region to Russian Fashion Week. The unique and graceful style was widely and intensively acclaimed, thoroughly allure the Russian.

As the largest fashion week in Eastern Europe, Russian Fashion Week is held twice every year in Moscow in April and October respectively. Rapid economic development of Russia in recent years has driven robust fashion consumption, which attracts more and more international brands. Russia is also the major overseas market where Chinese indigenous fashion brands have scored great achievements. As such, China Fashion Association (CFA) set up great store in the Russian market. Considering brand advantage and perspective of overseas development, CFA specifically singled out four designers out of all Golden Award winners and top ten designers of China Fashion Show to attend Russian Fashion Week. As the representatives of their own brands, these designers exhibited 35-50 pieces of fashion works at their solo shows, fully demonstrating the progress and innovation capacity of Chinese textile and fashion industry. It is also the first time for Chinese fashion brands/designers to attend Russian Fashion Week and conduct communication and publicity activities in Moscow. It is just out of the presence of Chinese fashion designers that April 3, 2007 was named as "China Fashion Day" in the Russian Fashion Week.

With the combination of concise line language, dignified structure, simple colors and irregular design methods, Huang Qiaolian conveyed the human and natural environment of the Chinese western region to Russian at the Bosideng - Huang Qiaolian Solo Show. The clothing materials are mainly made up of silk fiber, doubled-colored silk, frilled nylon silk and brocade silk in the dominant color of bleak white, cold black purple, rust red, quiet brown and dazzling golden color. Its bold design and original expressions have been widely acknowledged in Russia, which helps promote attachment of Russian people to Bosideng brand.

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