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Bosideng triumphs at the "2008 China International Clothing and Accessories Fair"
Winning the Prestigious "China National Garment Association Grand Achievement Award"
Bosideng Presents the latest trends in cold-resistant apparel,
Expands its line to four-season fashions

[31 March 2008, Hong Kong] - China's largest down apparel company - Bosideng International Holdings Limited ("Bosideng" or the "Company"; stock code: 3998, together with its subsidiaries comprising the "Group") presented its latest 2008/09 fall/winter cold resistant apparel at the "2008 China International Clothing and Accessories Fair" ("CICA") in Beijing, an annual event of great prestige for top players in the apparel and fashion industry. Leveraging the Bosideng brand, the Group also unveiled a brand new line of four-season apparel products to expand its year-round, marketing opportunities.

At the CICA, Bosideng first showcased a new series of non-down four-season fashions to highlight the brand's strategic positioning of focusing on down apparel as core sales items, but expanding its reach into four-season fashion lines. . At 5pm on 28th March, 4 news items on China's CCTV, and a joint news programme at 7pm reported from Bosideng's booths at the Fair.. An interview with Ms. Mei Dong, executive director of the Company, was also broadcast during the programme - "Global Information Billboard" at the noon prime time hour on 29th March.

The CICA is organized by the China National Garment Association. This annual grand event brings together top professionals from China and foreign fashion and apparel companies. At this event Bosideng won the "Grand Achievement Award" which is the top honour at the "China Apparel Brands Annual Awards" organized by the China National Garment Association. The selection of winners was based on a series of rigorous criteria including: a strict online voting process, extensive market research, fashion showcases, company presentations, random market research on product quality, company report review and other factors. Bosideng exceeded evaluation standards on all aspects and excelled in terms of international expansion, brand strength, market share, and industry position. Bosideng won this award by outcompeting over 160 PRC-based fashion brands, further solidifying its dominant position in the industry and enhancing its overall brand awareness.

The fashion showcase held on 29th March also won Bosideng the respect and admiration of many long-time industry pros.. Bosideng has been the only PRC representative to provide leading cold-resistant fashion apparel to the world for 12 consecutive years. This is a testament to the Group's prestigious place within the industry. During the showcase section, Bosideng introduced a new fashion line based on the theme of "Nature, Humanity and Spirituality", reflecting high fashion and leisure characteristics and winning high praise from the public. At the same time, Bosideng's latest non-down apparel four-season fashion line, including hip men's and women's leisure clothing, also won over the attendees, paving the way for further diversification of the Group's product line development.

According to Bosideng's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Gao Dekang, "CICA is an important platform for us to present our brand strengths and dynamism each year not only in the PRC but also for the entire world. Last year, Bosideng launched a successful branding strategy that blended functional down apparel with unique fashion elements.

Through a successful alliance with Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, we implemented a fresh new and effective branding campaign based on the theme of "A More Beautiful Winter" in 2007. This has helped create an image and sense of true fashion, setting the trend for the entire down apparel industry while also fundamentally changing consumers' perceptions about down apparel.

Looking to the future, Bosideng will continue to take advantage of China's high-growth apparel market. We'll not only continue to leverage our strong design capabilities to further develop high value-added down apparel fashions, but we'll also launch year-round items as well. This strategy will help attract more fashion-oriented young consumers with high purchasing power. We will also continue to enhance and integrate our vast sales network to support the launch of these new product lines.

The success of our product launch not only depends on unique and trend-setting designs, but also involves effective, innovative marketing. The Group's branding campaign of "A More Beautiful Winter", in cooperation with Ogilvy & Mather, won widespread recognition from the market, transforming Bosideng into a fashion avatar for consumers last year. This has helped lay down a strong foundation for the Group to continue its success in fashionable down apparel while setting the stage for the Group's new full-year fashion line launch. In order to maintain the strong momentum of last year's success, the Group will expand its cooperation with Ogilvy & Mather in 2008 to include down apparel and four-season fashion lines, providing a further boost to Bosideng's image as a top leader in the industry. We will also initiate a comprehensive programme based on branding strategy, product mix, media promotion and marketing campaigns that will closely match the emerging consumption trends in the PRC, further strengthening our Group's brand image, and helping to position to achieve future sustainable and profitable growth in the PRC."

About Bosideng
Bosideng is the largest down apparel company in the PRC. Its retail distribution network comprises approximately 7,000 retail outlets covering 67 cities across the nation, marketing its six core brands including "Bosideng", "Snow Flying', "Kangbo", "Bingjie", "Shuangyu" and "Shangyu". According to the China Industrial Information Issuing Centre ("CIIIC"), in terms of sales in 2006, "Bosideng", "Snow Flying" and "Kangbo" down apparel products achieved a combined market share of 36.1%, which ranks among the 30 largest brands in China. "Bosideng" was also the leading down apparel brand in the PRC for 12 consecutive years from 1995 to 2006, according to the Information Issuing Center of the National Bureau of Statistics of China. The "Bosideng" brand was named one of "China's Top 10 Brands on the World Market" in 2006 by the World Confederation of Productivity Science, Chinese Association of Productivity Science and World Productivity Congress. In 2007, "Bosideng" was the only apparel brand awarded with the title of "China's World Famous Brands" by the PRC General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

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