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Bosideng wins the highest award in the PRC quality field------"National Quality Award"

During the "2008 National Pursue for Excellence Conference" which was held on 6 Nov, Bosideng International Holdings Limited (3998.HK) was granted the highest award in the PRC quality field, the "National Quality Award", becoming one of the few enterprises which won the "China's World Famous Brand" and also the "National Quality Award".

The "National Quality Award" is the highest award in the country's quality field. It is an important award which organized by CAQ and helps to bridge with the international, rewarding the enterprise with outstanding performance regarding the implementation of efficient and excellent management, quality standard and social responsibilities. It aims to lead enterprises to pursue for excellence and breeds enterprises with international competitiveness.

Throughout the years, Bosideng insists in carrying out the excellent and efficient management model. It also persists that quality is a core factor for a successful company, achieving the quality standard of "zero-defect", forming an all-rounded quality guarantee system. Besides, Bosideng has set up the first inspection center for raw materials in the down apparel industry, the Bosideng inspection center, and the center has obtained the recognition from CNAL.

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