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Sustainability | Social Responsibilities

Corporate citizenship actions help us build mutually beneficial relationships with our communities. At Bosideng, we are committed to cultivating a healthy, prosperous and vibrant community and being part of it to enable our greater potential.

Our community investment actions are mainly carried out through the Bosideng Charity Foundation. The Bosideng Charity Foundation was established in 2011 by Mr. Gao Dekang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bosideng Group. It adheres to the public welfare purpose of "inheriting culture, spreading public welfare, and conveying warmth", and promotes the sustainable development of society through various public welfare activities. During the Year, the Group's total charitable donations amounted to RMB28 million, among which, approximately RMB23 million were donated to Bosideng Charity Foundation.

"Xinai Fund (莘愛基金)" to warm students

"Xinai Fund (莘愛基金)" is an education facilitation program established by Bosideng Charity Foundation for supporting poor students from all over the country to fund their tuition fees and living expenses and support the completion of their studies and to help them achieve their dreams of going to university. In 2021, "Xinai Fund (莘愛基金)", the charity project of Bosideng Foundation, has been successively carried out in Jiangnan University and Changshu Institute of Technology respectively to help poor students with the warmest wishes in the winter by providing financial support for tuition. During the Year, Bosideng Charity Foundation supported 126 students of Jiangnan University and 90 students of Changshu Institute of Technology.

Anti-flood and disaster relief to warm Shanxi

In October 2021, Shanxi Province suffered the strongest autumn flood since the meteorological record, and the rescue and disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction drew concern from people of the whole country, while the cold snap that arrived earlier also made the disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction harder. After getting the information of this disaster, Bosideng joined hands with China Charity Federation to launch the "Bosideng Warm Action" to help Shanxi, quickly mobilising the nine depots across the country to meet the demand for down apparels in the disaster areas with a combination of resources, and donating high-quality cold-resistant down apparels with a value of approximately RMB50 million and monetary funds to Shanxi Province for post-disaster reconstruction and disaster relief personnel, disaster victims and people to keep warm, to help Shanxi's flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction.

Helping the pandemic war effort and sending warmth to Xi'an

In December 2021, the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Xi'an had been worsening continuously. After learning about the need for winter clothes of front-line staff, Bosideng Charity Foundation immediately launched the "Bosideng Warm Action to Help Xi'an" in conjunction with Suzhou Charity Federation, donating 2,000 pieces of down apparel to medical staff and anti-pandemic volunteers in Xi'an to help front-line staff solve the cold-resistance issue. To implement the original mission with action, Bosideng helped Xi'an to win the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Developing skills for giving back to the society

We have established tailoring training schools for those who are unemployed, underemployed, and the members of the newly immigrant communities to obtain urgently needed skills, with the aim of narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. Each program for a period of six weeks not only allows the participants to prepare for production line positions but also enables them to become assistant supervisors, supervisors, engineers, managers and enter other positions. The trainees will gradually learn more challenging tailoring techniques, and also can choose to obtain a second language course certification in English or French to increase their employment opportunities. Since 2015, over 4,900 participants have completed the tailoring training in school.

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