Snow Flying
Snow Flying brand was founded in 1999. For more than 20 years, Snow Flying has been adhering to the brand concept of “inclusive for beautiful life”, always insisting on user needs as the foundation, and is committed to creating user value. Snow Flying continues to build up four series of down apparels: including zero pressure, retro national trend, peak skiing, and urban camping. In recent years, it has launched IP crossover series. With its product positioning of “vitality, fashion, and sports” and its brand personality, Snow Flying leads young people’s lifestyle in the new era and becomes a popular and inclusive down apparel brand.
Founded in 2001, Bengen brand takes the “value-for-money fashion experience” as its brand positioning, regards “fashion, high quality, and best selection” as its core value, and advocates fashionable life. Bengen is loved by women who pursue good value products, love life, and are passionate about trendy fashion.
Jessie brand was founded in 1999. JESSIE ladieswear focuses on elegant urban scenarios and features simple and capable products, highlighting the self-confidence of intellectual women. With its precise positioning, fine workmanship and comfortable version, JESSIE brand perfectly interprets the classic connotation culture of JESSIE ladieswear, and wins the unanimous praise from industry professionals and consumers with its complete sales network and unique brand advantages.
BUOU BUOU brand was founded in 2004. Romance, fashion, elegance, and delicacy are the design concepts that BUOU BUOU has always advocated. BUOU BUOU focuses on elegant and affordable luxury ladieswear, targets young and middle-aged women of the new middle class, and deeply cultivates first-tier and new first-tier core cities. In recent years, BUOU BUOU ladieswear has reshaped its classic series, focused on the core advantage category of dresses, and established a new brand awareness.
Founded in 1992, KOREANO brand created the first full-category high-end ready-to-wear brand in China, creating “attitude” fashion for every oriental woman, and interpreting the chic fashion of the times. For more than 30 years, KOREANO ladieswear has interpreted aesthetics with its fashionable and humble, and confident and smart designs. With the advantages of deep brand accumulation, stable and mature channel operation capabilities, and the loyalty and recognition of a wide range of membership customer base, it has laid a solid foundation for brand expansion.
KLOVA brand was founded in 2000. With minimalist design as the core, it pursues simple and classic high-end aesthetics, condenses the wisdom and philosophy of life accumulated over time through apparels, and shows the charm of oriental women under the influence of Chinese culture. KLOVA ladieswear adopts internationally imported fabrics, interprets the collision between color, texture and tailoring, integrates art into the core of the brand, and satisfies customers’ ultimate lifestyle of self-confidence, low-key, and pursuit of quality.
Adhering to the clothing design concept of “carrying education with clothes and inheriting culture with clothes”, Sameite brand insist on providing students with safe, comfortable, fashionable, and functional school uniform products. By hoping to dress every child in the uniform of his or her dream as its mission, Sameite now serves more than 500 schools, with an annual supply of over one million pieces, and won honorary titles such as the National Quality Leading Brand of School Uniform Industry, and the National Product and Service Quality Integrity Model Enterprise, etc.