Down Apparel Business
Focusing on “World’s Leading Expert In Down Apparel”
  • Developing professional leadership
  • Establishing cutting-edge awareness
  • Marching towards global leadership
Brand Building
  • Two key points “products professionalism and innovation” and “breakthrough in customers’ experience”
  • Innovating ways of communication and upgrading content of communication
  • Achieving brand leadership and maximizing brand effect and sales volume
Product Development
  • Taking customers’ perception and needs as the central task
  • Optimizing the design and development model
  • Upgrading the product structure
  • Inheriting brand gene based on original design
  • Enhancing product value with leading technology
Channel Construction
  • Targeting core cities and mainstream business districts
  • Focusing on enhancing channel quality
  • Upgrading channel structure
Store Establishment
  • Focusing on the implementation of the operation of individual store
  • Changing the operation of large commodity and big retail through individual store operation
  • Upgrading the refined retail operation for the individual stores
  • Enhancing the stores’ operating capacity and profitability
OEM Management Business
  • Being the preferred supplier for its customers
  • Making breakthroughs in ODM design
  • Offering high-quality services to customers
  • Improving the quality of operations and profitability
  • Accelerating the deployment of overseas production resources
  • Optimising and improving service capacity
Ladieswear Business
  • Clarifying the strategic positioning of ladieswear brands and the mode of business development
  • Raising the efficiency of the single stores’ operation, enhancing the effectiveness of product assortment and increasing the efficiency of the customer membership management
  • Strengthening the R&D and innovation of the products
  • Boosting both the operational and management efficiency at the ladieswear apparels business